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We just recently gained access to a very large collection of collectible military firearms. Everything from Springfield Trapdoors to AK47’s. This collection is awesome and there are some very unique pieces that just might complete your collection. There are a very large number of WWII rifles and pistols from both sides of the war.

Here is the list as it stands. Please contact us with any questions, for pricing or to schedule a time to look at anything in particular. Some items are here in the shop.

Also included in this collection are a large number of American Civil War/Western Replica pieces mostly of Italian manufacture. They are also included in the list below. Thanks for having a look!


M1 Carbine


Over 100 Firearms!


Military Collectibles by Country



Colt 1911A1 MFG 1945 Good Condition

Colt 1911 Army MFG 1918 (100% Colt Parts) Excellent Condition; Inquire for viewing and price

Springfield 30-40 KRAG Good/Very Good Condition

Springfield 1917 Eddystone Arsenal 30-06 Good Condition

Remington 1872 Rolling Block 50-70 Fair Condition

Springfield 1873 Trapdoor 45-70

Springfield 1899 30-40 KRAG Good Condition

Springfield 1889 Trapdoor 45-70 Good Condition

Colt 1909 Revolver 45LC Fair Condition

Springfield 1868 Trapdoor 50-70 Fair/Good Condition

Colt 1917 DA Revolver 45ACP Good Condition

Springfield 1866 2nd Model Allin Trapdoor Conversion

Colt 1896 DA Revolver 6” 38 LC Good Condition



BYF Mauser P-38 Excellent Condition

Walther PPK Nazi 32 ACP w/ original holster, 2 spare mags, grip cracked Good Condition

HSC Mauser 32 ACP Good Condition

M38-H Sauer & Sohn 2 mags Good Condition

Radom P35 9mm Nazi w/ Holster, spare magazine Very Good Condition

FN 1910 Browning Pistol 32 ACP Good Condition

FN 1889 Mauser 7.65×53



Enfield No.4 MKI 303 Poor Condition

Enfield No.1 MKIII (Australia) .303 Good



Arisaka Type 99 carbine 7.7×57 Fair

Nagoya T-94 Pistol 8mm Jap Fair



Carcano 1941 Bolt Action 6.5×52 Poor Condition

Carcano 1891 Bolt Action 6.5×54 Fair Condition



Berthier 1916 Bolt Action 8x50R Good Condition



Ankara 1903 Mauser Bolt Action 8×57 Fair Condition



Oviedo 1895 Cavalry Model Mauser Bolt Action 7×57 Good Condition

Bernedo 1915 Ruby Pistol 32 ACP w/ Spare mags and Holster Good Condition



Moisin-Nagant 91/30 Bolt Action 7.62x54R Good Condition

Modern Firearms by Manufacturer

Springfield Armory

M1A standard 7.62×51/308 Like New Condition



Model 94 Pre-64 30-30 Lever Action Very Good Condition

Model 70 Pre-64 30-06 Bolt Action Good Condition


Heckler & Koch

USPC 45 ACP Pistol Very Good Condition


Smith & Wesson

Pre-36 Flat Latch 38spl Nickel Good Condition


Sig Sauer

P220 Pistol 45 ACP Excellent Condition



Mini 14 Ranch Rifle 223 Very Good Condition

10/22 22lr Semi-Auto w/ Scope Very Good Condition



700 ADL 308 Bolt Action w/ scope Good Condition



Model 110 22” 30-06 Bolt Action w/ Scope Very Good Condition



336 30-30 Lever Carbine Good Condition




Replica American & Western



Thompson Center Hawken Plains Rifle .50

CVA 1820 .50 Mountain Pistol

Pedersoli Frontier Model Kentucky .50 Pistol

Traditions Frontier Model .50 Pennsylvania Long Rifle

Pedersoli 1805 .58 Harper’s Ferry Smoothbore Pistol

Pedersoli .75 Second Model Smoothbore Brown Bess Musket

Pedersoli 1795 Springfield .69 Musket

Pedersoli 1785 .50 Kentucky Rifle


Percussion Replica

Pietta 1860 .44 revolver

Pietta 1858 Remington .44 revolver

Armi Sport 1861 Springfield .58 musket

Armi Sport 1863 Sharps Carbine .54 cap & ball

Lyman Plains Model .50 Pistol

Lyman Hawken Plains Model .50 Rifle

Pietta 1851 Navy .44 Revolver

Pietta 1860 Army .44 Revolver

Uberti 1847 First Model Dragoon .44 Revolver

Armi Sport 1842 .69 Springfield Smooth Bore Musket

Euro Arms 1841 .54 Mississippi Rifle

Armi Sport 1853 .58 3-Band Enfield Musket

Euro Arms 1855 .58 Springfield Musket

Pietta 1861 Navy Colt .36 Revolver

Armi Sport 1862 .58 Richmond Rifled Musket

Euro Arms 1863 .58 Remington Zouave Rifled Musket

Uberti 1847 .44 Walker Dragoon Colt Revolver



Cartridge Replica



Uberti 1873 Colt Peacemaker 5 ½” .45 Single Action

Uberti 1873 Colt Cavalry  7½” .45 Single Action

Armi San Marco 1860 Colt  38spl Single Action

Armi San Marco 1873 Cavalry .45lc Single Action

Uberti 1875 Remington 7½” Single Action .45lc

Uberti 1895 Artillery .45lc Single Action

Uberti 1872 Top Break  38spl



Pedersoli 1874 Sharps 45-70 rifle

H&R Navy Arms Springfield Trapdoor 45-70

Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Cavalry Carbine 45-70

Pedersoli 1879 Baby Rolling Block 45LC

Uberti 1863 Henry Brass .45LC Lever Action

Armi Sport 1865 Spencer .45 Schofield Lever Action

Rossi 1892 Winchester Saddle Ring .45lc Lever Action

Uberti 1866 Winchester Yellow Boy 45lc Lever Action

Armi Sport 1874 Plains Sharps 45-70 Single Shot

Uberti 1866 24” Yellow Boy 45lc Lever Action

Pedersoli No.2 30” Creedmoor Rolling Block 45-70 Single Shot

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